Gut Health And Healthy Menstrual Cycles with Fairy GutMother

I sat down with Carley Smith of Fairy GutMother to hear about her journey of healing her Lyme’s Disease and menstrual bleeding that would last for four months straight – through nutrition and the G.A.P.S. Diet. And how it led … Read More

Healthy Menstrual Cycles, Birthing & Orgasms with Dr. Thomas McCombs Podcast

“Part of fertility is the mobility of fallopian tubes. The ability of a fallopian tube to reach to an ovary and take that egg and work it down – peristalsis towards the uterus. The egg’s not doing that. The fallopian tube is doing that. And the ability to do that is provided neurologically through the sacrum.” – Dr. Thomas McCombs … Read More

Female Fitness & Nutrition with Caroline Ofenstein

With the shifting of seasons and so many of us ready to be outside more and more – it felt like a wonderful time to sit down with holistic health coach Caroline Ofenstein and find out more about her approach … Read More

Natural Fertility Management with Jane Bennett

“What also happened is that – that useful information. And you know – very useful way of reading my body for that important practice of contraception became a side benefit. And the real benefit for me became knowing where I was in my cycle. ‘Ok – I’m day 10. Typically what I experience on day 10 is this ____. Or I’m day 26 – typically what I experience is this ____.’ Which helped me enormously with some symptoms, troubling symptoms I had. And I could pin point where that was, what was happening hormonally. And it allowed me in a much more targeted way to support my health and wellbeing. And really just my emotional, psychological, and spiritual state as well. To know where I was in that pattern – really became an incredible benefit for the rest of my cycling years.” … Read More

Female Meditation With Lada Ballowe

“One thing I really notice is that there is so much information about who you should be as a woman. You know – I’m like ‘ Hold on – I’m already a woman!’ They can’t tell me how to be a woman! If I want to play with makeup I’m going to play with it. If I want to play with short hair, long hair, colors. If I want to play with what I say or how I act – I am a woman doing it. So please don’t tell me that. So there’s so much oppression. One thing that mostly really broke my heart was how much competition there was between women. So instead of supporting each other and helping each other to thrive – it’s just competing. You know – so that’s kinda the motto of the classes I always tell women – “Lets move from competition to cooperation so we can feel safe with each other.” – Lada Ballowe … Read More

Female Wellness & Breathwork With Eliza Rose Kane

Who’s ready to release stress and feel amazing?! I know I do! 🙂 The new year tends to bring with it all sorts of emotions and feelings. So I wanted to bring you a dear friend, colleague and teacher of … Read More

Women’s Wellness with Pilar Chandler Podcast

“I want to meet each women wherever she is and offer what I can for her” – Pilar Chandler, Pilar’s Wellness Collective … Read More