About My Moontime

My Moontime - A Holistic Female Wellness Company

My Moontime’s mission is to help wellness-conscious, independent, creative, working women tap into more abundance, ease, and flow in their careers, finances, and relationships by working WITH the power of their menstrual cycles.

Empowering women through holistic, simple, easy, and accessible perspectives and tools – and becomes as natural as wild flowers and second nature as tying your shoelaces.

Hi, I’m Dana Michelle Gillespie — My Moontime Founder

I’m obsessed with helping women like you to tap into more abundance, ease, and flow in their careers, finances, and relationships, without effort, confusion or exhaustion.

In other words, I live and breathe working WITH the power of one’s menstrual cycle.

I started my journey in 2007 when I was working as a celebrity esthetician in Los Angeles and so many of my clients were experiencing hormonal skin issues. I was also not looking to have children at the time and not interested in taking any form of manufactured chemical birth control substances either. Through this, I sought out to learn all I could about menstrual cycles, fertility, vitality, energy, ease, and success. Because I wanted to be successful in both my professional AND my personal life. And over time I uncovered the secrets of holistic menstrual wellness.

Which has grown into My Moontime App, Moontime Journal, Lit From Within eBook, Moontime Starter Kit, Moontime Podcast, Workshops, Coaching, and Public Speaking.

With appearances in HuffPost, Nylon Mag, Marie Claire, and over six different female wellness books and it’s become my mission to help every woman understand that she is whole, complete and fantastic in every moment.

My Moontime Story

My Moontime started as an app company out of a personal need to track my menstrual cycle and moon phases in an easier way. I was exhausted most of the month, and I needed a way to work WITH my energy levels because I feared losing my high-demanding job at the time. Back then, I couldn’t find anything else on the market to help me with this.


My studies continued in learning about the menstrual cycle, everything connected to it, and what affects it. I started asking curious questions about why women were struggling with menstrual and hormonal related issues and why the “gold standard” solutions in the wellness industry were not creating long-term, positive results.


My Moontime App started gaining a lot of notoriety, and more and more thought leaders and the media began talking about menstrual health as a trending topic.


As more information started coming out, I saw many people beginning to fixate on finding a single, immediate solution to their health challenges. Menstrual cycles were unfairly labeled as “good” or “bad,” and people were eager to place blame elsewhere instead of truly embracing curiosity and working in harmony with their own cycles and energy in the present moment.


This mindset has persisted within the female wellness industry, and practitioners have been striving to provide all promising, “magic bullet” remedies for menstrual challenges. Globally, menstrual health quickly became a new category and niche in the market, and people began to exploit it by offering even more quick-fix solutions.


Also around this time, my amazing copywriter shared with me her awareness that a new cultural zeitgeist had started, encouraging women to conform themselves and their lives within the four phases of the menstrual cycle. This disturbed me on every level, and I knew that My Moontime did not want to contribute to this false idea.

All of this has left many people confused, frustrated, and still experiencing pain. Through my studies and experience, I’ve come to know that the actual solution is more holistic and unique to each woman.

I also at this point started to receive subconscious reprogramming sessions because I was still struggling with family-related issues, even though I had already spent 20+ years working with therapy, meditation, energy work, and other self-help methods. Towards the end of my second session, I knew that working with the subconscious mind is the missing piece to our overall health, including our menstrual vitality.

At that moment, I KNEW I wanted to help other females dissolve subconscious, false narratives like “I’m not worthy,” “I need to be quiet and nice,” and “I don’t matter,” so they could fully and completely enjoy being themselves. When subconscious reprogramming is combined with a healthy lifestyle, it can help our body and mind flow harmoniously, and we can start to experience more easy and subtle menstrual cycles.

These were all clear signs that My Moontime needed to be more than just an app company, and I started exploring how I could expand it to empower more women with holistic, unique perspectives and tools. I wanted to make this information easy and accessible so that applying it could become as natural as wildflowers and second nature as tying shoelaces. I decided to start referring to the My Moontime App as a wonderful, easy access backup tool and directed the company’s efforts to provide more education, information, and community conversation around the topic of menstrual health. I want everyone to know that our whole body system is designed to keep us alive and ideally thrive, and that our menstrual cycle is talking to us in sensations and symptoms. There’s a lot of information available to us that can help us flow in our wellness and vitality, and My Moontime strives to help more people access it.

I began guiding females through menstrual vitality-focused subconscious reprogramming sessions, and I created the ebook “Lit From Within”, the Moontime Journal, and the Moontime Starter Kit for women to begin their journey. The results have been absolutely phenomenal!

Today, My Moontime’s mission is to help wellness-conscious, independent, creative, working women tap into more abundance, ease, and flow in their careers, finances, and relationships by working WITH the power of their menstrual cycles.