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Be sure to check in the Settings page INSIDE My Moontime app to decide which notifications you’d like to receive – Hormone Cycle, Moon Phase Changes, and Affirmations. And press SAVE to lock in your choices. This is the most useful way to get reminders of changing cycles to help you be in flow.

More Information

Moon cycles and more fertility information here

Here at My Moontime – we recognize and enjoy watching the moon on it’s  journey around the earth, as well as it’s own little dance and orbit around the sun every 29.5 days, for it’s 13 moon cycles in a 365 day year. Yes we love watching the breath-taking full moon rise every month – but we also enjoy the entire cycle in all it’s glory. Here are the names of the moon phases we use in My Moontime, days pertaining to the phases, and a little information about the energy potential of each phase. Enjoy the moon cycles and see if you can utilize their influence for your own well being.


New Moon: 0 – 3.5 days; Birth, new feelings within

Crescent Moon  3.5 – 7 days; First glimpses of the new idea, modality or new way are seen, actualized 

First Quarter Moon 7 – 11.5 days; The new idea or way takes hold, establishes itself

Gibbous Moon 11.5 – 15 days (aka almost full); Analysis, tweaking and modification of idea, modality, way, so it can function, operate effectively, work, be. Building, urgent creative energy

Full Moon 15 – 18.5 days; Full expression of idea etc, Everything is revealed (meaning of the idea, form etc) Also revealed is the effectiveness, or not, of the previous modification stage

Disseminating Moon 18.5 – 22.5 days (aka after full moon); Harvest, culmination, actualization, the result (the fruit) of the idea etc, is given, sent forth, distributed – results of the cycle are felt, Urgent feelings to share the result or meaning

Last Quarter Moon 22.5 – 26 days; Expression of the cycle’s idea etc is over. feeling a hint of the future and the result of this cycle. Breaking down of old ways and forms that are seen as no longer useful, there can be upheaval and revolt. Composting. Focus moving inward, less interested in the outside world

Balsamic Moon 25 – 28.5 days  (aka tiny last sliver); Idea of the cycle is distilled, the lessons and wisdom of the entire cycle are available. Personal retreat, inward reflection and contemplation, letting go. Depending on how one has navigated the transformation energy during the cycle -seeing through the birth, growth, death, rebirth cycle – depends what happens the next cycle

Dark Moon 28.5 – 29.5 days (aka no moon); Stillness, dormancy, potential 


For more  information, discoveries, and current updates on the moon and moon energy shifts – please check out NASA and Mystic Mama


To understand how the moon affects the water in our bodies, we must first understand how the moon affects bodies of water.

Why the tides move like they do has been studied for many years with new discoveries that help us understand how they affect us.  Aristotle, Pliny the Elder, Galileo, Kepler, Newton, and Kelvin helped derive our understanding as it is today.

Einstein credits much of the advances of modern scientific thought to the way Galileo studied the moon and the tides in his seminal work “Discourse on the Tides”.


It is best understood by observation: the level of the Earth’s oceans tend to stay at the same level because because of two factors:


1.The spinning of the Earth creates a centrifugal force that makes the water want to fly away from the planet.


2.The power of gravity draws the water back towards the center of mass – earth.


The only thing that can disrupt this balance is an external force:


The Gravitational Pull of the Moon


As the moon orbits the earth, it disrupts the fine balance  and causes the earths oceans to “bulge” towards the Moon where it is closest, (known as high tide).  That bulge of water causes a decrease in displacement on the other side of the Earth, what we call “Low tide”, and thus, the Moon causes the ebb and flow of the tides.


If this is the effect that the moon has on the Earth’s Oceans – which covers 71% of its surface- how could it NOT affect the fluids in our bodies which are composed of 75% water?


Just as fishermen have learned to use the tides to their advantage, winemakers also use the gravitational pull of the moon to their advantage- harvesting and filtering at certain peak times of the Moon to make use of this external force.  This Biodynamic process allows winemakers to avoid the use of harsh chemicals and processing to produce a more natural and organic product.

The Moon affects our bodies the same way.  Month after month, year after year, the Moon changes the delicate balance within our bodies.  The Human Body- ever resilient, looks to achieve homeostasis- or balance, and starts to accommodate and even anticipate these changes, and thus  the monthly pull of the moon becomes incorporated into our cycle of life.


The Hypothalamus is the part of the body that controls the regulation of FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) and LH (Luteinizing Hormone).  The Hypothalamus also contains receptors that are sensitive to Melatonin.  A scientific study found that women who were subject to the light cycle of the moon had significant variations in both FSH and LH levels compared to the control group which was isolated in darkness



Hoegh-Guldberg and Leggat published a study in 2007 about the gene called Cry2 responds directly tot he changes in the spectrum of light in moonlight  This gene Cry2 encodes a type of protein called a cryptochrome, which triggers changes in the reproductive cycle.


The most amazing way this can be seen is in The Great Barrier Reef, the largest living organism in the world. Spanning over 1200 miles, the Reef senses the light from a full moon which responds via cryptochromes- which triggers release eggs and sperm in what has been referred to as “The largest romantic symphony on Earth.”

There is a fluctuation to Electromagnetic Radiation from the Moon during different phases.  A recent study of 826 volunteers with normal cycles found there was a disproportionately high number of women who menstruated around the new moon- more than twice the percentage of any other phase.  The cause of this change is attributed to those same cryptochromes- which are the proteins responsible for sensitivity to magnetoreception.


Magnetoreception is the ability to orient based on magnetic polarity.

In short, it is how birds are able to navigate and fly south for the Winter.  Their sensitivity translates into their optical cortex which gives them “road signs” for behavior.  Flocks of bird change direction without use of language or communication- rather they are all simply responding to the same electromagnetic waves.  It would be as if you looked at traffic patterns without a map- the cars would all appear to be driving along organized routes miraculously.


This behavior is expressed differently by humans, however.  Instead of mass migration during unfavorable times- humans have evolved to change the way we respond to these events while staying in the same place.  Our bodies become conditioned to ovulate during times that would be beneficial and menstruate in times that would be less favorable.  It doesn’t take long for this evolutionary advantage to create a system of natural selection.  The early humans that had children during times of famine ceased to be able to procreate, and thus this biological advantage has been passed down from the dawn of early man.

During a Full Moon, there is an increase in the number of POSITIVE IONS in the air (which actually have a negative effect.)  Many people report headaches, irritability and sleep disturbances during the full moon.  The cause for this has been studied for decades.


During a New Moon, however, there is an abundance of NEGATIVE IONS in the air (which have a very positive effect on the body).


Dr. Michael Terman published a report in the American Journal of Psychiatry  that the use of Negatively Charged Ions had a 48% increase in response rate for the treatment of Clinical Depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder.


The human body, he theorized, is primed for action during the Spring and Summer months.  There are more animals to hunt and more predators on the loose.  The Winter is a time of less stimulation, with Primitive Man nestled in caves to keep warm.  When the human body senses the Negatively Charged Ions in the air, it responds the way we have been conditioned to over thousands of years to respond: more alertness, a sense of well-being, and awareness of our environment.


It creates what many refer to as “being present” or “in the moment”.  Our Serotonin System and Adrenal glands perk up, responding to the uptick of ions in the air.  It is a biological advantage that we have cultivated from our hunter/gatherer ancestors.


Sources for Moon Data:

DeFelice, Joy, R.N., B.S.N., P.H.N, The Affects of Light on the Menstrual Cycle

Singer, Katie, “Fertility Awareness, Food, and Night-Lighting,” Wise Traditions in Food, Farming and the Healing Arts Spring 2004.

Hansford, Dave. “Moonlight triggers mass coral romance”. National Geographic News October 22, 2007

Zemecki, Muchal, “The lunar cycle: effects on human and animal behavior and physiology”. Postepy Hig Med Dosw January 6, 2006

Terman, M.; Terman, “Controlled Trial of Naturalistic Dawn Simulation and Negative Air Ionization for Seasonal Affective Disorder,”  American Journal of Psychiatry J. S. (2006).

Mid-Cycle Ovulation Calculations are based on averages. There are no formulas to accurately predict one’s mid-cycle ovulation as this time moves around quite easily from a myriad of factors. This chart and how we made our calculations of averages was based off of Francesca Naish’s wonderful book Natural Fertility. If the cycle length is 22 days – day 7 through 13 is possible ovulation days – with day 9 most likely being the day of ovulation. And so on and so forth. 


example: mid-cycle ovulation

length of cycle 22 days with possible ovulation days 7-13, with day 9 most likely ovulation

length of cycle 36 days with possible ovulation days 21-27 with day 23 most likely ovulation day …..(chart down below)

In the 1950’s Dr. Eugen Jonas, a psychiatrist and gynecologist, re-discovered from an ancient fragment of Babylonian-Assyrian text: Woman is only fertile during a certain phase of the moon. He noticed through charting female’s cosmobiology – that at the moment of a female’s birth, which is referred to as the Natal Lunar Fertility Time – when that moon angle returns every month – she can spontaneously get pregnant no matter where she is on her ovulation cycle. During the time of Dr. Jonas discovery –  over a half million people wrote letters to him asking to be charted. Thank goodness individuals have continued his work to this day!


With a 98% accuracy and testing on over 10,000 females at the time of his first discovery – and that this time frame is your official birth time every month – it’s a wonder why more people don’t enjoy this knowledge?! Studies have found that even if a female is on chemical birth control pills and has unprotected sex during her Natal Lunar Fertility time and is on her blank sugar pills – conception is possible. And studies have also found that men with low sperm count have a higher count during the time of his natal lunar fertility time. There are practitioners who even help individuals get pregnant and choose the sex of their child based on the Natal Lunar Fertility Time and the male or female polarity of the moon. Even into menopause – individuals report experiencing a burst in chi on their Natal Lunar Fertility Time.


Dr. Eugen Jonas’s story and information is amazing. If you’re interested in finding out more – go here.


If you’re interested in working with specialists of the Natal Lunar Fertility time – go here.

By Mayo Clinic Staff

‘The basal body temperature method is a type of natural family planning, also called fertility awareness-based methods.


Your basal body temperature is your temperature when you’re fully at rest. Ovulation may cause a slight increase in basal body temperature. You’ll be most fertile during the two to three days before your temperature rises. By tracking your basal body temperature each day, you may be able to predict when you’ll ovulate. In turn, this may help you determine when you’re most likely to conceive.


If you’re hoping to get pregnant, you can use the basal body temperature method to determine the best days to have sex. Similarly, if you’re hoping to avoid pregnancy, you can use the basal body temperature method to determine which days to avoid unprotected sex.’


Basal Body Temperature must be taken at the very first moment upon walking in the morning with a basal thermometer in your mouth. And it needs to be taken at the exact same time every day, preferably around 7am – 8am before the body begins to really warm up. Mayo Clinic recommends ‘Use a digital oral thermometer or one specifically designed to measure basal body temperature. Make sure you get at least six hours of uninterrupted sleep each night to ensure an accurate reading. You may consider taking your temperature vaginally or rectally if you have trouble determining a pattern or change in your basal body temperature. For the most accurate results, always take your temperature using the same method.’


‘There may be several factors, from fever to alcohol to lack of sleep, that could affect your waking temperature. Yet this doesn’t compromise your ability to rely on them while charting, because you ultimately want to identify a pattern of low and high temperatures, rather than focusing on individual ones. Outlying temperatures can be effectively dealt with by using the Rule of Thumb, which usually allows you to ignore them in interpreting your chart. In addition, you will always be able to rely on your other two signs to cross-check your fertility in situations such as these.’ TCOYF


For more complete information, techniques, and information about Basal Body Temperature – please check out Mayo Clinic and Wikipedia

‘Cervical Fluid Texture, also referred to as Cervical Mucus Texture, is the recognition and identification of the natural fluid from the cervix that changes throughout the hormonal cycle. The cervical mucus is produced in the cervical crypts, changes in quantity and quality and becomes ‘fertile’ thus ensuring the life of the sperm (up to 3-6 days) and helps to channel them up into the uterus.


The most important body symptom to be observed is the change in the cervical mucus. This is because it’s the one observable change that precedes ovulation and therefore gives the warning that is needed, and because it is precisely this change in the mucus that enables the sperm to survive and reach the egg for conception. It’s this ability of the sperm to live 3 (or in very rare cases 5) days that makes it so important to know of the approach of ovulation.


“The changes in the mucus are caused by varying levels of ovarian and pituitary hormones. They are the only dependable warning of the approach of ovulation and their recognition can become reliable after only a few cycles of observation. There are two basic changes in cervical mucus as the menstrual cycle progresses. There’s a change in quantity, and also, more subtle perhaps but even more important, a change in quality.” page 49 of ‘The Lunar Cycle’ by Francesca Naish

For more complete information, techniques, and information about Cervical Fluid Texture – please check out Natural Fertility Management and ‘Natural Fertility’ by Francesca Naish

Cervical Fluid Sensation is another tool to check in with your body and see what’s up. We have placed five different common sensations relating to cervical fluid in the Body Signals Settings on My Moontime. ‘Dry, Sticky, Slippery, Wet, and Cold’. When you begin to identify the sensations – these different textures can give you further clues on your hormonal cycle and ovulation potential.

For further understanding and investigation on cervical fluid sensation (and to understand what each sensation typically means) – we highly recommend checking out Natural Fertility Management and ‘Natural Fertility’ by Francesca Naish and UNC School of Medicine website link.

Cervical position is another tool females can use to identify where they are in their cycle. The cervix changes its position throughout the cycle and identifying where it is at is another great way of checking in with yourself. This is a picture of the general position and corresponding sensations that typically go with that position from Baby Center.


For more complete information, techniques, and information about Cervical Position – please check out  Baby Center

A nice little tool to track where you were on that day. If you would like to expand on this – please enjoy the journal. It’s such a great place to write till your heart’s content and be able to go back later and retrieve the rich detail you wrote about yourself.

Sugar cravings is an important substance to track as it could have quite a few meanings. And if you can identify over time if there is a pattern – it can really help you see what your body is really asking for. We highly recommend checking out Cass Phelp’s Five Signals work to learn how to understand your body’s basic cravings, dissolve any imbalances, and become more self-referential. We can’t think of any better than being self-referential and really being able to understand what your body is wanting. Who knows – maybe you’ll just live and enjoy the best life ever! 🙂

Stress sends off all sorts of signals and chemical reactions in the body. Recording and tracking your stress levels can reveal all kinds of information over time. Stress usually provokes in the body the ‘fight or flight’ signals – cortisol increases (which can lead to weight gain) and produces changes to our hormonal cycle. It’s always good to find ways to not get into a stress state – but none-the-less we are human and it happens. So please track your stress levels so that you can see over time if there are patterns and ways to help you release this.

Our creator of My Moontime used to be a popular skin care specialist in Los Angeles, California. Known for her holistic approaches to skin care and  getting to the root of the issues – she would always see and remind her clients that a lot of their monthly repetitive breakouts seem to be related to their cycles. Tracking if and when your break out is a great way to see if there are patterns to this and hopefully dissolving them. Another great tool to use with your doctor and skin care specialist. 


Dana’s favorite skincare products and tools she always recommends and uses to this day is: Osea Malibu, Vivid MD, Clarisonic, and NuFace

Was your body tender today? A great signal to track so you and your doctor can see if there are any patterns with this. Body tenderness can come from a lot of different sources within your body. Tracking this body signal can help discover more information about your body. Experiencing unusual tenderness does not mean that you are automatically pregnant. Please consult your licensed doctor for help with this.

Track the days (and times and details like this in your notes if you wish) you had intercourse so you can remember these days with better accuracy for later reference. This is very useful for obvious reasons! Also very handy information for your doctor as well. You can also turn this (or any other Body Signal function) off in the Settings function of this app.

Keeping track of the days that you are pregnant is very helpful when looking at your hormonal history. We have added this function to body signals tracking to help you see this shift when and if you have this experience in life. And if pregnancy is not for you or not an option – you can turn this function off so you never have to see it.

Tracking the quality of your menstrual flow can offer you great insight into your hormonal well being. For more information on this – please check out Alisa Vitti, her book WomenCode and her segment on Doctor Oz talking to this subject.


There is so much ancient knowledge about the power of menstrual blood. Stay turned on My Moontime’s blog for more insightful and useful information on this. Dr. Christine Northrup speaks a little on how science has begun to identify how useful menstrual blood is in healing in her awesome book ‘Women’s Bodies Women’s Wisdom’. Nita Rubio offers amazing workshops on the ancient blood mysteries as well. We at My Moontime love all of Nita’s offerings and HIGHLY recommend her work.

Infections can happen for a number of reasons. Always consult your licensed medical practitioner to check out your reproductive health. If and when you know you have an infection – the Body Signals portion of My Moontime app is a great place for convenience to easily keep track of the dates you experienced this.

Tracking your travel is important and useful for many reasons. Travel can cause stress on the body and alter the hormonal cycle (potentially altering your menstruation due date). If you cross time zones and/or the equator – it will cause the moon angle you’re experiencing to change. Remember that depending on where you are in relation to the equator, the seasons are opposite to one another and can affect your body.  My Moontime is designed to work wherever you live and wherever you travel. We recommend keeping track of your travel to better help you recognize your body’s signals.

“If a women’s uterus is out of balance, so it she” – Don Elijo Panti, the great Mayan shaman of Belize


There are 3 widely known female body massage techniques that are specifically designed to help balance and regulate the female reproductive system. My Moontime’s Body Signals section is designed to easily track and remember the days you did some sort of female body massage. We strongly recommend learning more about them and incorporating which ever technique you feel most drawn to in your daily life. Stay connected to our blog as we will be diving into these massage techniques more and exploring more ways and techniques to bring balance and well being to your female body.

Maya Abdominal Massage info and some great links to other enthusiasts who have written about it: Oprah and Huffington Post


Qi Gong Deer Massage Info and video example by Blythe Raw Live.


Wurn Technique Clear Passage Technique 

Can’t find what you need? Email us here.