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Healthy Menstrual Cycles, Birthing & Orgasms with Dr. Thomas McCombs

“I’m going to show three different approaches to help normalize the mechanics of reproduction, menstruation and pituitary function.” – Dr. Thomas McCombs How many of us fell on our bum as we learned to walk when we were little?! Or … Read More

Female Fitness & Nutrition with Caroline Ofenstein ????

With the shifting of seasons and so many of us ready to be outside more and more – it felt like a wonderful time to sit down with holistic health coach Caroline Ofenstein and find out more about her approach … Read More

Natural Fertility Management

I had the pleasure of sitting down with one of the experts in the Natural Fertility Management world recently. If you’re not familiar with Jane Bennett yet – this will be a great opportunity for you to get to know … Read More

Female Meditation with Radiant Yin ????

How’s your meditation practice? Do you have one that you enjoy and adds sparkle and space to your day and life?  Have you had the opportunity to join a female meditation class before? It’s a pretty special, gentle yet powerful … Read More

Breathwork And The Menstrual Cycle

Who’s ready to release stress and feel amazing?! I know I do! 🙂   The new year tends to bring with it all sorts of emotions and feelings. So I wanted to bring you a dear friend, colleague and teacher … Read More

Women’s Wellness with Pilar Chandler

If there was ever a conversation to listen to about holistic health for women and women’s wellness – I strongly recommend listening to this one. Pilar is a Holistic Women’s Health Specialist who’s been in practice for well over 25 … Read More

She Healed Herself Naturally

I recently got to sit down with Melissa Turner of Endo Empowered and had a little conversation about how stress impacts our periods. We spoke a bit about mood and emotions at different times of the month. We also spoke … Read More

Want to feel energized every day? Get ready to hear the perfect solution.

I used to be exhausted so much of the time. I felt defeated constantly.   I always wished I could be like those other people, you know the type. The girls who seem energized and ‘on’ every single day, no … Read More