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Breathwork And The Menstrual Cycle

Who’s ready to release stress and feel amazing?! I know I do! 🙂   The new year tends to bring with it all sorts of emotions and feelings. So I wanted to bring you a dear friend, colleague and teacher … Read More

Women’s Wellness with Pilar Chandler

If there was ever a conversation to listen to about holistic health for women and women’s wellness – I strongly recommend listening to this one. Pilar is a Holistic Women’s Health Specialist who’s been in practice for well over 25 … Read More

She Healed Herself Naturally

I recently got to sit down with Melissa Turner of Endo Empowered and had a little conversation about how stress impacts our periods. We spoke a bit about mood and emotions at different times of the month. We also spoke … Read More

Want to feel energized every day? Get ready to hear the perfect solution.

I used to be exhausted so much of the time. I felt defeated constantly.   I always wished I could be like those other people, you know the type. The girls who seem energized and ‘on’ every single day, no … Read More