Why didn’t anyone tell me that my body worked this way?!

Living in your body right now might feel like being on a roller coaster (without a seatbelt).

One day you’re living la vie da loca, energized, happy, and magnetic. The next day feels wonky and it’s hard to get out of bed. You’re exhausted, confused and now stressed out and frustrated because you feel like you’re missing out on your life. This whole time you might have thought that your inability to knock it out every day was a willpower thing, when in actuality...

A woman’s body isn’t meant to feel the same way every day.

There’s an inner biological wisdom that we’ve been ignoring. It’s there inside every woman. And unlike men, we have the opportunity to lean into the unique strengths and weaknesses of each phase, helping us to experience better days.


Menstruation/Sage Phase (luteal phase):

You might be feeling a sigh of relief as your body is now releasing its uterine lining and your body JUST started to replenish itself with a tiny bit of uplifting estrogen again. Deep, wise insight might come more easily to you in this phase, which can be useful when communicating with friends, family and work. Conserve your energy on what matters most to you, and know less is more right now. Focus on getting good sleep, enjoy potentially rich and vivid dreams, allow yourself to be supported, stay hydrated and do gentle light grounded movements to keep your chi flowing.

Pre-Ovulation/Maiden Phase (luteal phase):

You might be feeling more stimulated and energetic each day now as the bleeding has ended and that uplifting estrogen is starting to really rise each day. Your body is also probably feeling a little less heavy now that the uterus lining has shed. Getting out and enjoying physical activities can feel stimulating and great for your body. Testosterone (sex hormone) begins to come out to play a bit - helping us feel extra ‘in the mood’. The rising Estrogen helps your brain accomplish more analytical functions. Great time to learn new things easily. Be sure to make space for stillness during this time as over-stimulated, rushed lifestyles will deplete your body’s energy and will pay the price later on in your cycle.

Ovulatory/Mother Phase (follicular phase):

You might be feeling extra sexy and chill AF during this phase as we move through ovulation and the releasing of progesterone (chill and relax hormone). This is a great time to easily socialize and communicate from a place of compassion. And you may feel more drawn to teamwork than independence. You may feel extra great to be out and active in the world. Working out is great and can feel really centered during this time. Avoid stress and cultivate more grounded, fulfilling activities in your life during this time to help you ride these fluctuating energies.

Premenstrual/Enchantress Phase (follicular phase):

You may be feeling cool as a cucumber and so much so - would rather hang out alone. The heightened progesterone (chill AF hormone) with a little estrogen is beginning its final descent before it runs out and the cycle begins again. You may feel extra bold, assertive and have some great out of the box ideas during this time. See if you can utilize these propensities in your life (*cough raise *cough). If you’re not trying to conceive, be sure to work out a bit more intensely during this phase to help balance the body and mind (aka smooth out mood swings and lethargy) so you can keep riding your energy waves with ease.

And when you understand the four phases, you can finally learn to ride the energetic waves.​

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About My Moontime’s creator

Dana Michelle Gillespie is the founder and owner of My Moontime™ where she helps menstruating females to understand the patterns of their biological rhythm, so they can leverage its power to have better days and a more fulfilling life.

She has appeared in HuffPost, Nylon Mag, Marie Claire, and 6 different female wellness books and it’s become her mission to help every woman understand that she is whole, complete and fantastic in every moment.