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The Next Level In Female Wellness

My Moontime App tracks your female creative potential - for babies, business, or better relationships. My Moontime helps you create with greater ease.

More Than Just A Period Tracker App


It's great to get reminded when your period will most likely arrive. But now it's time to use your period to help fuel your life's dreams and aspirations. Or maybe just get you through the day....Now that's Period Power!

More Than A Fertility Tracker App


Did you know that a female has two potential fertility times a month? And your mid-cycle ovulation can be moved at will? Download My Moontime app and see your potential fertility times.

It's The Female App That Puts YOU Back In Control


Know Thyself - and enjoy the freedom it brings! The time has arrived for females to tap into their own well being and enjoy the unlimited gifts and potential to which the female body has access. Get a cycle and get in your own unique creative flow with the My Moontime app.

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Beloved New App To Easily Know & Use Your Period And Fertility Potential.

Life Might Be One Big Mystery - But Your Cycles Don't Have To Be...

Track & Use Your Hormonal Cycle


Easily know what phase of your hormonal cycle you are in every day by seeing your phase archetype and let it help you tap into the strengths of that phase

Moon Phase Tracking


Everyone loves staring at the moon! Now enjoy easily knowing the current moon name, phase, and archetype, and energy potential it offers - even when you can't see it

Track Your Ovulation Potentials


Easily see when your mid-cycle & natal lunar fertility ovulation potential time frames are due to arrive

Understand Your Cycle Better


Watch the color pink increase across the white pearl as you arrive closer to your menstruation date

Inspiring Affirmations


Enjoy inspiring affirmations every time the moon phases shift and/or your hormonal phases shift to help you best reap your own energy potential of the two combined

Stunning Graphics


Enjoy viewing the home page in 3D and all the beautiful validating graphics. Life is beautiful and so are you! You deserve a beautiful app


Don’t Just Track Your Cycle - Use It! With My Moontime





4 Female Cycle Archetypes

There Are Four Distinct Phases of The Female Hormonal Cycle

 Use These Different Energy Cycles To Help You Fuel Your Life

Maiden: Best time for new projects, learning, clarity, mental creativity, concentration, researching, thinking, independence, resilience, and physical strength and stamina.

Sage: Best time for rest, renewal, release, letting go, meditation, reflection, inner processing, looking at self truths, reevaluating, new ideas, and listening to intuition.




Mother: Best time to speak clearly from the heart, creating relationships, communication, empathy, productivity teamwork, helping others, and emotional creativity.


Enchantress: Best time for inner reflection, meditation, inspired creativity, looking at the bigger picture, problem awareness and problem solving, and assertiveness.

Phases Of The Moon

Moon, Luna, Mona, Masah, Anaitis, Annis, Anu, Aphrodite, Artemis, Bridget, Cybele, Demeter, Diana, Hathor, Hecate, Ishtar, Khonsou, Min, Ositis, Phoebe, Selene, Shing-Moo, Thoth - all words used at some point in time to refer to what we refer to today as the Moon.


There are 29.5 days in the dance the moon takes around us on earth to complete a full moon cycle. And 13 of these complete moon cycles every 365 days for a full year. In this moon dance - there are different energies created by the different angles of this beautiful giant rock illuminated by the sun. The moon affects everything  from the gravitational pull of the salt water on earth, to light, atmospheric ionization, and electromagnetism. So much of our traditions (like our round birthday cakes which came from the ancient moon cakes originated in China to celebrate the 13 moon cycle year) and words phrases that come from the moon ('moon struck' in love, 'over the moon' excited, 'lunatic', ect). It is even a commonly know practice that hospitals and police forces are know to staff extra full during full moons as more babies are born during a full moon, and random incidents may occur that need extra help. Discover more about all of this Here.


There are 29.5 moon days in one complete moon cycle. My Moontime utilizes these main moon phase markers and names:


New Moon  .  Crescent Moon   .  First Quarter Moon   .  Gibbous Moon  .  Full Moon

Disseminating Moon  .  Last Quarter Moon  .  Balsamic Moon  .  Dark Moon


How This Affects My Energy?!

Blending the subtle energy potential of your hormonal phases with that of the moon phases offers up so many subtle energetic possibilities. For example - your energy potential during a new moon while you're in the Maiden/After-Menstruation Phase will mostly likely feel and be experienced as drastically different than while your in your Enchantress Phase during a full moon!


Download our free My Moontime App in iTunes to find out what special blend of energy might be present for you - and enjoy the Moontime affirmation to help you utilize it!

 For The Girl On The Go...
"My Moontime App Is The Must-Have Tool To Help Navigate Life's Ever Changing Adventure"

"We can reclaim the wisdom of the menstrual cycle by tuning in to our cyclic nature and celebrating it as a source of our female power. Astrologer Sioux Rose put it this way in her book 'Moon Dance: The Feminine Dimensions of Time': "Since women are biologically clocked to the moon, we are destined to feel her cycle changes via our monthly menses. This rhythmic correspondence represents the uncharted feminine realm of time. Divine heritage bequeathed to women. The ebb and flow of dreams, creativity, and hormones associated with different parts of the cycle offer us a profound opportunity to deepen our connection with our inner knowing. This is a gradual process for most women, one the involves unearthing our personal history and then, day by day, thinking differently about our cycles and living with them in a mindful way."

-Dr. Christine Northrup in 'Women's Body's, Women's Wisdom' Chapter 5 The Menstrual Cycle

My Moontime App Useful For Menopause, Chemical Birth Control Users, Pregnancy, Young Females & Men!

My Moontime app can be enjoyed by everyone! Just turn the settings function to let the app know what mode you want it in (DEFAULT mode for users with a natural ovulation & menstruation cycle, CHEMICAL BIRTH CONTROL users who might want to know their natal lunar fertility time, PREGNANCY users to enjoy the moon's potential, and MENOPAUSE mode for all users who do not ovulate and menstruate. MENOPAUSE mode is great to use for  MALES as well as YOUNG FEMALES awaiting their first moontime). Enjoy knowing your natal lunar fertility time, where the moon is at as well as all the other great features within all these special modes of My Moontime.


Males love using My Moontime too! Either to track a female loved ones moon cycle with them and/or to know & enjoy their own natal lunar fertility time and the phases of the moon. This app can be enjoyed by all and we hope you do! And we've only just begun! Stay tuned for more features. modes, and versions soon to come!

Period Power

"For menstruation to have accrued so much negativity, one thing that you can be assured of is that something very interesting, even powerful, has to be going on. The menstrual cycle acts as your inner creative compass - an inherent smartness in your being that you can leverage to create real success and wellbeing. It's a bit like having your own personal coach guiding and inspiring you. This is period power."

-The Pill - Are You Sure It's For You? by Jane Bennett & Alexandra Pope


The Time Has Arrived For Females To Tap Into Their Own Well

Being and Enjoy The Unlimited Gifts and Potential a Female Body Has To Offer

Get a Cycle and Get In Your Own Unique Creative Flow With

My MoonTime

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My Moontime.com is a neutral space of wellbeing created to help females be in greater communication with themselves for better menstrual cycles, energy levels, fertility awareness, creation potential, workplace success, and a social life of richer fulfillment. Each female holds unlimited potential and My MoonTime aims to help each female realize more of this with ease, joy, and happiness.