Female Meditation With Lada Ballowe

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Female Meditation With Lada Ballowe

Lada Ballowe of Radiant Yin meditation joins us to talk a bit about her female meditation classes. How they help females in their lives and menstrual cycles. She shares with us about what she sees in the world and how she helps females find their own truth, joy, passion and wellness. And some other fun things too.

If you’re interested in meditation, female wellness, and grounded spirituality – this conversation is something you’ll really enjoy. 

Lada’s an accomplished and well seasoned meditation and energy teacher that teaches online globally. As well as offers private one-to-one sessions as well.


In this podcast we talk about: 

  • Lada Ballowe Intro
  • Teaches Worldwide Online
  • Radiant Yin Classes
  • Competition to Cooperation 
  • Female Meditation Classes
  • Every Day Tools To Use
  • Finding Your Own Truth
  • Yin & Yang
  • Very Sensitive Child
  • Female Awakening
  • Women Healing Themselves
  • Healing My Menstrual Cycle
  • Put Your Crown Back On
  • Sparking Joy
  • Spiritual DJ
  • Readings With Lada 
  • Spirituality and Religion
  • Spiritual Bypassing
  • Fun & Amusement In Meditation


“One thing I really notice is that there is so much information about who you should be as a woman. You know – I’m like ‘ Hold on – I’m already a woman!’ They can’t tell me how to be a woman! If I want to play with makeup I’m going to play with it. If I want to play with short hair, long hair, colors. If I want to play with what I say or how I act – I am a woman doing it. So please don’t tell me that. So there’s so much oppression. One thing that mostly really broke my heart was how much competition there was between women. So instead of supporting each other and helping each other to thrive – it’s just competing. You know – so that’s kinda the motto of the classes I always tell women – “Lets move from competition to cooperation so we can feel safe with each other.” – Lada Ballowe


Check out our conversation and you can email Lada at Radiant Yin to enjoy a complimentary class.


To connect with Lada Ballowe of Radiant Yin:

Radiant Yin Classes – [email protected]

Lada Ballowe for Readings & Healings

Evolution Through Meditation Youtube



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