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Unlock the power of your cycle and track your alignment with the moon!

Tap into the cosmos, drop into your feminine power, and embrace the potential of your flow with My Moontime.

Made by females, for females.

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My Moontime

The Holistic Period Tracker App

My Moontime is an app designed to help women track their cycle in its entirety. With the goal of greater wellbeing, unlock your understanding of how your female flow relates to the lunar calendar, fertility, creative potential, workplace success, and social capabilities. My Moontime aims to help women realize their potential by working with the power of your cycle, instead of against it. 

Female energy cycles have a direct relation with moon phases that offer much more than mere approximations of menstruation and ovulation. Utilize your natural female flow to sync with the moon and tap into your spiritual, unique, and creative potential with My Moontime!

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When you download the app...


We have a 3 day FREE trial for all users to see if this app is in alignment with what you're looking for!


The $1.99 USD monthly and $19.99 USD yearly price of this app is to keep it ad free and full privacy.

Most every free app is selling your data for profit. We don't believe in that. So we charge up front to use this app. 

New Understanding

Welcome to a new understanding of your cycle, your feminine body, and how it directly relates to the phases of the moon! 

Formulating Page

This is the first page you'll see when you first open the app, for the first time.

Put in your information here so it can generate your unique menstrual and cosmic cycle.


Home Page

Welcome to your home page! Here you’ll find all the information you need to keep you in line with your flow including daily affirmations, emotional and physical expectations, and moon archetypes.

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Press The Arrows To
Go Back & Forth On Dates
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Daily View

Self-awareness is a key component to unlocking your feminine power. Use the daily view to input daily reflections including a personal journal and trackers for mood, stress, cravings, cervical fluid, and so much more! All of your entries will be saved to track progress, memories, and patterns.

This is your journal. Track everything you'd like here. If you're bleeding today, you can write it down here.


To alter the calendar to reflect you're bleeding, place that info on the Month View page.

Monthly View

Welcome to your new calendar! Take ownership of your cycle with ovulation details, expected period dates, and your daily journal archives with a mood and stress tracker!

This is where you'll add your cycle data. If your cycle shifts at all, this Monthly View is where you'll put that information. 

You can go back in time and add your older data. And you can go forward on the calendar to see what to anticipate.


A Little Bit About

My Moontime Creator Dana Michelle Gillespie

"I made this app for myself. It has been the most challenging, humbling, and rewarding adventure of my life. And the reason why I never gave up was because I NEED THIS APP for myself.

This app was born before most females were familiar with the four phases of the female menstrual cycle. And before following the moon cycle was popular to enjoy. Now both are widely known, enjoyed and utilized to help females flow with their natural energy cycle and the moons cycle.

I hope this newest 3.0 version is enjoyable to you as it is for me. I really love that the meditating female image is a cosmic energy body with her charkas clear. We'll continue to add more features to My Moontime for everyones enjoyment. I can say with certainty that the Moontime community is the most remarkable, amazing group of individuals. And it always fill me with joy to see all of you!"

- - -

Dana Michelle Gillespie is a practicing clairvoyant and meditation teacher with over 10 years of experience, with an emphasis in female wellness. She is a certified EMA Movement Instructor, with over 16 years experience. She used to be a sought after Esthetician and Skin Care expert, and attended SDSU. 

Dana also LOVES dog and to be playing in the kitchen - learning, creating and making yummy food and beverages for family and friends. She has always dreamed of living on a ranch with hens and a garden. And hopes to make this a reality soon. 

My Moontime App has been inspired by our ancestors and female wisdom holders. I pay tribute to all of them. My Moontime app is programmed by an amazing female Charlyn Keating, and my dear friend Megan Baker makes sure all these words feel good. Countless friends and family have helped hold space for this app for years and I deeply thank each and every one of you!


Frequently Asked Questions

We're Here To Help!

My is a neutral space of wellbeing created to help females be in greater communication with themselves for better menstrual cycles, energy levels, fertility awareness, creation potential, workplace success, and a social life of richer fulfillment. Each female holds unlimited potential and My MoonTime aims to help each female realize more of this with ease, joy, and happiness.