Unlock the power of your cycle and the wisdom of the cosmos to create a successful and deeply attuned life. 


My Moontime is one of the only period tracking apps that delivers physical and emotional forecasts so you can plan your life better, and be fully in sync with the forces that influence your ever-changing states.


Made by females, for females.

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My Moontime for the Modern Woman

Realize your full potential by working with the power of your cycle, rather than against it.

We believe every woman can be empowered by the wisdom of her cycle to create alignment with her goals, plans, and self care.  That is why we created My Moontime, an app designed to help women track their cycle in its entirety. 


My Moontime is not simply a way to track your period, but a tool that allows you to truly harness the natural cycles we experience - for better planning, better self-understanding, and an ease to the tensions and frustrations we feel when our bodies don’t seem to ‘cooperate.’ 


My Moontime will help you:


  • Utilize the energies at play within and around you

  • Supercharge your daily life with right timing and body awareness

  • Revitalize your relationships

  • Move closer to your dreams and desires

  • Understand and anticipate your own hormonal, emotional and physical state on any given day.


My Moontime comes from our hearts and not from a big data corporation (like 99% of the period-tracking apps out there). We do not sell ads or upsells, and we honor you by keeping your data private, forever, with a subscription fee of just $1.99/month or $19.99 per year.

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The App that Goes Beyond Your Period

My Moontime uniquely connects women to the four phases of the hormonal cycle as well as to the four archetypal phases of the moon. When we live fully aware of these influences and energies, we are empowered to make better, healthier, more self-honoring choices. No other app is built upon the vital and subtle nuances we experience as women from day to day.


We know feminine life is more dynamic and layered than just when you have your period and when you don’t. With My Moontime you can:

Connect with the Moon Archetypes

Receive Daily Affirmations

Get Physical & Emotional Forecasts

Journal and Track Your Mood

We also know that women who are in tune with their bodies are in tune with their needs, and they thrive. With My Moontime you will:

Expand Your Creative Potential & Productivity

Improve Overall Health and Wellness US

Enjoy More Workplace Success & Satisfaction

Increase Earning Potential

Plan Your Life Better



When you download the app...


We have a 3 day FREE trial for all users to see if this app is in alignment with what you're looking for!


The $1.99 USD monthly and $19.99 USD yearly price of this app is to keep it ad free and full privacy.

Most every free app is selling your data for profit. We don't believe in that. So we charge up front to use this app. 

New Understanding

Welcome to a new understanding of your cycle, your feminine body, and how it directly relates to the phases of the moon! 

Formulating Page

This is the first page you'll see when you first open the app, for the first time.

Put in your information here so it can generate your unique menstrual and cosmic cycle.


Pop Up Button
Home Page

Welcome to your home page! Here you’ll find all the information you need to keep you in line with your flow including daily affirmations, emotional and physical expectations, and moon archetypes.

Press The Arrows To
Go Back & Forth On Dates
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Daily View

Self-awareness is a key component to unlocking your feminine power. Use the daily view to input daily reflections including a personal journal and trackers for mood, stress, cravings, cervical fluid, and so much more! All of your entries will be saved to track progress, memories, and patterns.

This is your journal. Track everything you'd like here. If you're bleeding today, you can write it down here.


To alter the calendar to reflect you're bleeding, place that info on the Month View page.

Monthly View

Welcome to your new calendar! Take ownership of your cycle with ovulation details, expected period dates, and your daily journal archives with a mood and stress tracker!

This is where you'll add your cycle data. If your cycle shifts at all, this Monthly View is where you'll put that information. 

You can go back in time and add your older data. And you can go forward on the calendar to see what to anticipate.


Voices of My Moontime’s Community


“Thank you for assisting humanity wake up, for women to wake up and empower themselves, heal themselves!! Blessings to you.”


“Thank you so much for doing this work. It’s seriously so valuable and important for women, and for the world. I’ve tried a bunch of other apps and I don’t like any of them.”


“Thank you so much for doing this...I always try to help my female clients reconnect to their cycle and again and again I see their lives completely change. Your app is a HUGE gift to the world!!! Thank you sister.”


“I love the app! I follow the moon cycle and my cycle and the female archetypes... and I was like "oh it would be so good if there was an app for that" and then my friend showed me My Moontime and it was perfect.”

About us

“I made this app for myself, because I need this app for myself and I know I can powerfully support the women in my life with it. It’s deeply person and exponentially powerful, and I love how it connects with empowered and driven women all over the world”

                                     -- Dana Michelle Gillespie, My Moontime Creator


The origins of My Moontime are deeply rooted in female wellness and embodiment. Our team has broad expertise in women-focused fields. This app is unique in that it has zero corporate ties, is not trying to mine and sell your data, and is thoughtfully updated regularly by a female-led team. We care about you. We care about how you feel. We care that you are able to find peace and wisdom with this app in order to live a more fulfilling life. 


My Moontime founder Dana M. Gillespie is a practicing clairvoyant and meditation teacher with more than 10 years of experience. Her emphasis has always been in female wellness. She is a certified EMA Movement Instructor specializing in feminine embodiment with over 16 years experience. Dana was also a highly sought after Esthetician and Skin Care expert for many years. She attended San Diego State University.


​My Moontime App has been inspired by our ancestors and female wisdom holders. We pay tribute to all of them. Countless friends and family have helped hold space for this app for years and we are deeply grateful to each and every one of you!


Frequently Asked Questions

We're Here To Help!

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