Healthy Menstrual Cycles, Birthing & Orgasms with Dr. Thomas McCombs

“I’m going to show three different approaches to help normalize the mechanics of reproduction, menstruation and pituitary function.” – Dr. Thomas McCombs

How many of us fell on our bum as we learned to walk when we were little?! Or perhaps had hard falls on our bums growing up learning new activities? I know I did! 

Those falls affect our physical structure and the circuitry that governs the health and development of our bodies. In particular our sciatica that is directly connected to our reproductive organs. And that in turn affects our menstrual cycle, ability to easily birth babies, and have orgasms. Among other body functions as well.

In this podcast I interview the incredible Osteopathic doctor – Dr. Thomas McCombs of Bay Area Osteopathic and he demonstrates a few approaches of what licensed osteopathic doctor sessions can do to help correct all this. 

Dr. Thomas McCombs, DO is a Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine Specialist in American Canyon, CA and has over 35 years of experience in the medical field. He is a doctor of osteopathic medicine and has also been a professor at Touro University College of Osteopathic Medicine. He’s been studying Taoist principles since the 1970s and is an elder Taoist Priest. 

There are countless females and menstruating individuals around the world that no matter what healthy substances they ingest, therapy and meditation they partake in to help de-stress their minds and bodies – they still experience menstrual related issues. And the root cause and solution is correcting the body structure. 

I believe this topic is the piece that can help inspire a course of action for real and lasting change for many individuals. And I hope you enjoy and participate.

Osteopathic doctors are fully licensed doctors with a great deal of extra training and certifications on top of what general doctors have. In the United States – they can legally be your general practitioner doctor. And in remote country settings – they often are. It is very common in many parts of the world for people to see Osteopaths. The United States is very behind on this vital practice. And I hope more individuals get inspired by this and start seeing a licensed Osteopath in their town for their own health and longevity. 

“Part of fertility is the mobility of fallopian tubes. The ability of a fallopian tube to reach to an ovary and take that egg and work it down – peristalsis towards the uterus. The egg’s not doing that. The fallopian tube is doing that. And the ability to do that is provided neurologically through the sacrum.” – Dr. Thomas McCombs


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Healthy Menstrual Cycles, Birthing & Orgasms with Dr. Thomas McCombs


In This Podcast We Talk About:

– Hands On Osteopathic Mechanics

– Correcting Structure

– Pituitary Hormones

– Acromegaly

– Human Skull Specimen Demo

– Anorgasmic Male From Car Accident

– Fibrotic Conditions in Lower Pelvis

– Fertility Functions

– Biomechanically Efficient Labor 

– Find A Physician via Cranial Academy