Breathwork And The Menstrual Cycle

Who’s ready to release stress and feel amazing?! I know I do! 🙂


The new year tends to bring with it all sorts of emotions and feelings. So I wanted to bring you a dear friend, colleague and teacher of mine to help with this – Breathwork Teacher Eliza Rose Kane.


Eliza Rose Kane Breathwork is a particular style of breathwork that I have been personally practicing with for over a decade. It’s one of the most – if not the most – quick, effective and powerful ways for me to release, relax and recharge within 25 minutes. I feel amazing afterwards and it carries me through the day.


Not only does this gentle practice help to create a feeling of wonderful ease and flow through the day – it’s effects on the nervous system has a huge impact on one’s menstrual cycle for balance and wellness.


Check out our conversation and be sure to hop on over to and enjoy her classes. She has some wonderful free classes HERE as well.


“The intention of this practice is to ease the breath into the body. To find fluidity in your rhythm. Where certain breathwork techniques are a little bit more forceful. Some are much more fiery. And it’s a lot of discipline and focus – which can be really wonderful. I find though in society right now – one of our biggest challenges is learning to let go, to soften, to trust, to not have to control so much in our mind. But to actually find that fluidity and guidance in the body. And that’s what this breathwork really does. It pulls you out of the mind and down into your senses. So you start to feel more and engage more with the feeling body. And also really engage with the heart.” – Eliza Rose Kane


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In this podcast we talk about: 

– Eliza Kane Intro

– What The Breathwork Is Like

– Getting High Naturally

– How Breathwork Helps The Menstrual Cycle

– Breathwork And Creativity

– Synchronicity

– Visceral And Tangible Experience

– History Of This Breathwork

– David Elliot Classes

– Botanical Breathwork

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– Mead And Gruit – ancient fermented medicinal herb beer

Wave Maiden 

Margaux Moses at Flying Embers Kombucha

Caffeine: How Caffeine Created the Modern World by Michael Pollan

– Yaupon Caffeinated Herb

– Caffeine, Sleep & The Menstrual Cycle

– Snapshot Of A Breathwork Class With Eliza


To connect with Eliza Kane:

Eliza Rose Kane Breathwork


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