Tap into the wisdom of your period so you can have (much) better days

A period and moon cycle tracker made for women by women

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Ride the highs and lows of your cycle with style and grace

It can often feel like we’re at the mercy of our bodies every month. Swinging wildly from one extreme to the other. Blissfully happy one minute...and ready to crawl under a blanket the next. #sendchocolate My Moontime is the only app that delivers personalized physical and emotional forecasts straight to your phone based on your cycle and the phases of the moon so you’re never caught by surprise.

Use your body’s biological wisdom as a power source

Your body wasn’t designed to feel the same way every day. Women are cyclical beings. Some days you’re better at asserting yourself, other days you're at a creative peak, sometimes you’re more suited to rest and reflection. Having a deep understanding of each of your 4 phases, can give you helpful cues and more compassion for your ever-changing abilities and moods. You can shift from managing your to-do list to managing your energy instead. You’ll learn when to push and when to give yourself grace.

Have better days, which adds up to a better life

The world doesn’t stop for your period. And neither should your life. When you’re empowered to recognize your own patterns, you can thrive each day of the month instead of just surviving. All of a sudden, you’re in control. You can rock that conference call, that dinner party, that workout by being more aware of where you are in your cycle and how to succeed every day of the month.

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"I want to be able to track when I'm going to be most successful and when I need to take it easy. (I use the app) to get motivation and compare how I'm feeling so I can take care of myself and not overdo it when I should be relaxing."

"Dude (this is) literally the best app I have seen so far, connecting it with the moon that’s some precious stuff!”

“I love this app so much. It has given me so much insight on my own personal energy and menstrual cycle. It's a must have for any intuitive, moon loving, creative, heart-centered gal.”