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Tap into the biological wisdom that’s been inside of YOU this whole time

My Moontime is the only uplifting app that tracks your menstrual cycle phases and the movement of the moon so you can understand your body, take charge of how you feel, and have (much) better days.


Are you struggling with exhaustion most days? Is it causing you to be frustrated at yourself?

Yep. I’ve been there. My name is Dana and I created this app to help you feel good with your female body every day so you can live a more enjoyable, energized and fulfilling life.

I love My Moontime app SO much! It's the only period tracker app that encourages and celebrates my bleeding phase, and doesn't look at it like a negative.

I absolutely LOVE this app. I’ve tried for years to find one I actually liked, and this one tops them all!

(The app) is seriously so valuable and important for women, and for the world. I’ve tried a bunch of other apps and I don’t like any of them.

Tap into your biological wisdom. Get the app:

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