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Tap into the wisdom of your period so you can have (much) better days

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Why You'll Love My Moontime

My Moontime 4.0 tracks your menstrual cycle with the moon phases to deliver physical and emotional forecasts so you can plan your life better. Our female-owned period tracking app helps you realize your full potential by working with the power of your cycle, rather than against it.

It's Awesome

My Moontime is the only app that aligns you with these subtle influences and energies so you can make more self-honoring choices.

Powerful Features

Push Notifications keep you on top of your cycle
. New account creation and secure data storage so you can always access your info. A Daily View page to track and journal all your body signals and emotions. Monthly Calendar Views
 shows you the moon phase, hormonal archetype phase and lets your alter your cycle info when your body changes.

Modern & Flexible

List your top App features and details with elegance and style.

Understand Your Cycle

Clearly see where you're at on your cycle every day, and develop a deeper understanding for how you feel, think and may experience your life every day.

Uplifting Affirmations

Inspiring thoughts to help navigate and utilize the energies present for you.

Look Into The Future

My Moontime will formulate where you may be on your cycle in the future from your data - so you can better plan your life.

Track The Moon Phases

Toggle back and from on the home page to see the moon phase each day from your location in the world. Or view the full month at a time on Monthly page.

Total Privacy

Your privacy is our number one priority. We never sell your data, or sell you things within this app. Which is rare in this world.

Download Your Data

Download your personal data for sharing or saving, just for you.

“I love the app! I follow the moon cycle and my cycle and the female archetypes... and I was like "oh it would be so good if there was an app for that" and then my friend showed me My Moontime and it was perfect.”
My Moontime App User
“Thank you so much for doing this work. It’s seriously so valuable and important for women, and for the world. I’ve tried a bunch of other apps and I don’t like any of them.”
My Moontime App User
“Thank you so much for doing this...I always try to help my female clients reconnect to their cycle and again and again I see their lives completely change. Your app is a HUGE gift to the world!!! Thank you sister.”
My Moontime App User
Pretty sweet right? Download it today!

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