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-Chemical Birth Control User




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Tips, Tricks, & Truths:

-The Moon Phase is a 100% Cycle. Full Moon will read 50%, Dark Moon 98%, New Moon 0%


- The Affirmations will change as often as the moon cycle shifts and/or your archetype shifts. Check back daily to see your affirmation that can help you utilize your energy potential


-Ovulation Potential: This is the mid-cycle ovulation time frame. The every shifting time frame of which there are NO guarantees. We use a 'averages calculation formula based off your data to generate your possible ovulation time frame with large cushions. Please know that this is just a potential time frame. The only way to know for sure if your are ovulating is to consult with your doctor. We also enjoy using the Fertile Focus Ovu-Scope made by Dr. Amos Grunebaum, MD, ObGyn, Fertility Expert - to check in on ovulation as well. Please consult with your doctor.


We feel Its always helpful to know where and how calculations are based off of. My Moontime App calculates the Mid-Cycle Ovulation potentials off an averages formula. There are NO formulas to guarantee mid-cycle ovulation since it's a time that can and will move around from a myriad of factors. We like big cushions of time around ovulation potentials as studies have found that female sperm can live up to five days.


For example: If the cycle length is 22 days - day 7 through 13 is possible ovulation days - with day 9 most likely being the day of ovulation potential.. If the length of cycle 36 days with possible ovulation days 21-27 with day 23 most likely ovulation day. To know for sure what day you ovulate on - please consult with your doctor.


Natal Lunar Fertility Time: This 2 hour window of time is the precise angle of the moon at your birth. Dr. Jonas discovered that females could spontaneously conceive during this window of time when it returns every month, and even choose the sex of the child depending on what polarity of the moon it's in*. Conception like this is best left to the professionals as there are a lot of factors that go into this - but charting your Natal Lunar Fertility time is useful to have on it's own, and also useful to know if your looking to avoid pregnancy, So we have included this time frame in this app. We also put a cushion of time around it to help users be aware of ovulation potentials. There are some great experts who have written on this extensively, and even have whole practices working with this time frame. Francesca Naish and her Natural Fertility Management is a great one.


My Moontime NLF Example: The Blue Line is the Natal Lunar Fertility Potential Window for this user, with the 25th day being the most potential day. This Natal Lunar Fertility Potential time frame will always be a 5 day window for users, and that the 4th day being the most potential window of time for your particular Natal Lunar time.








You can purchase the 2 hour window of time and what polarity the moon is in (male or female) - in My Moontime as an in-app purchase. You can also reach out to specialists who will chart you by hand for a few months or year. Hand calculations are great but tend to be expensive and we want every individual to have access to this time - so we made ours super affordable, easy to understand, and last as long as you can use this app. Typically individuals looking to conceive a child want to know the two hour window. If you are - please also check out The Jocelyn Centre for Natural Fertility Management.


More Details Soon To Come....

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