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Women, if you like surprises when it comes to your reproductive cycles, raise your hand.  No one?  How about uninvited guests?  Special deliveries you weren’t expecting?  Yeah, I didn’t think so.  Me neither.  Well, you’ve come to the right place.


Simply put, My Moontime is an app designed to help women track their cycle in its entirety.  The name comes from the ancient belief that every female holds within her the moon, and her female fertility cycle matches that of a lunar calendar, rather than a solar one.  I’ve always been fascinated with female energy phases and how they related to those of the moon (I chalk it up to growing up in Sonoma County’s Valley of the Moon). I've also always been desperate for a way to track my cycle in ways that offered more than mere approximations of when I might menstruate or ovulate.  I also knew that there was more to my cycle than just those two things, so I started digging into current research to try and understand myself more deeply.


I discovered a few important points very quickly – for example, every month, our bodies go through far more activity than just menstruation.  Who knew?  Along with our periods, we have times of increased and decreased fertility, as well as fluctuating hormonal activity.  Knowing where we are in our various energy cycles is incredibly useful knowledge that goes far beyond just avoiding the occasional surprise visit from our period.  We actually go through two potential fertility times per month, a fact that could drastically effect someone’s journey toward having a child.  Our hormonal energy levels go through fluctuations as well, and understanding those helps us go through life with an increased emotional awareness that is invaluable.

I decided this was information I wanted to have at my disposal, and at first, I attempted to gather it by hand.  Bad idea.  I quickly realized that trying to keep track of this much data, not to mention making sense of it was impossibly time-consuming.  There was just too much information that needed to be centralized and processed, so the idea for My Moontime – an app that could do it for me - was born.


By using this app, all the information needed to track your cycle (fertility, hormones, menstruation) will be at your fingertips, and you will also be provided with a visual map that represents the phases of your cycle in correlation with the current phase of the moon.  My Moontime offers the modern woman an effective way to not only know her cycle, but also to reinvigorate her ancient relationship with the moon.  Life might be one great mystery, but our bodies don’t have to be.  Let My Moontime help you figure it all out.

Creator Dana Michelle Gillespie

Dana's Story of My Moontime

I made this app for myself. A few years back I began looking at all my birth control options and read Toni Weschler’s book ‘Taking Charge of Your Fertility’. I loved the idea of tracking, knowing, and seeing my body's cycles so much - but the basal body temperature technique wasn’t for me. My life is very active and I don’t wake up at the same time every morning. There were too many potential issues that would throw off the temperature reading that would make it an unreliable technique for myself. I’m also not a fan of looking at medical-style charts. It’s just not my particular cup of tea. It might be perfect for others - but for my active lifestyle and what I enjoy - I needed and wanted another option.


So I began charting my menstrual cycles by hand, and also by the moon. I really just charted the moon at that time because I enjoyed looking at it, and also wanted to know when the full moon was to pay extra attention on those days for what I call 'ripe’ individuals. Eventually I began to really see both scientifically and energetically what the different moon phases actually offer us. There's a lot of stigma attached to the moon that can be a little off-putting for the modern girl - but as I dug deeper - I really felt that if it was presented in a way that was validating and practical then it would be more accessible and useful. I also wanted to chart my cycles so I could be careful of my emotions and actions taken based on those emotions, especially when I got closer to my menstruation time.


I then came across Dr. Jonas’ Natal Lunar Fertility Time and wanted every single female in the world to have easy access to this time frame. Over a half million individuals wrote him requesting to be charted in the 1950s with his findings. His charting has a 98% accuracy - I don't understand why more people are not aware of this awesome time frame. I began to understand more clearly how our fertility cycles work and the potential of our cycles. And I really wanted an app that could track all of this for me, because I was having a hard time keeping up doing it by hand. And I wanted it in a visually pleasurable way that made me feel good about being a female and my body's natural connection to the moon and all of life.


Thus My Moontime App was born. I personally use the Fertile Focus Ovu-Scope Microscope to get an accurate reading on my mid-cycle ovulation, when I need it. And I follow along with My Moontime app to see my potential energy so I can go into my day knowing my strengths and try to bring the best of myself to every aspect.

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My is a neutral space of wellbeing created to help females be in greater communication with themselves for better menstrual cycles, energy levels, fertility awareness, creation potential, workplace success, and a social life of richer fulfillment. Each female holds unlimited potential and My MoonTime aims to help each female realize more of this with ease, joy, and happiness.